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The Commission is assisted by the Service of the CPC, which on the basis of the Commission instructions, is competent to investigate cases (complaints and ex officio investigation) and determine whether there have been infringements of the Protection of Competition of Law 2008. The Service is responsible for carrying out secretariat duties to the Commission, collecting all the necessary information in order for the Commission to exercise its competences, holding unannounced on the spot investigations (dawn raids) in the premises of undertakings under investigation, submitting complaints and proposals to the Commission, proceeding with the necessary notifications and publications, evaluating notified concentrations on the basis of the Control of Concentrations of Enterprises of Laws 1999 and 2000 and preparing written reports and providing the Commission with all the possible facilitation to achieve its competences, powers and duties.

The Service consists of the Director and the Officers, Accountant, the Secretarial and Auxiliary Personnel. All of the members of personnel of the Service are members of the public service and they are appointed pursuant to the Public Service Law. One from the members of the CPC Service acts as Secretary to the Commission.

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