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Republic of Cyprus
Sector Inquiry

According to section 31 of the Protection of Competition Law of 2022:

1) the Commission for the Protection of Competition may conduct inquiry in a particular sector of the economy or in particular types of agreements in several sectors (Section 31(1)), when the trend of trade, the rigidity of prices or other circumstances create suspicion that competition may be restricted or distorted in the Republic.

2) (a) In the inquiry referred to section (1), the Commission may request all the necessary information for the application of sections 3 and/or 6 and/or Articles 101 TFEU and/or 102 TFEU, as well as to conduct any inspection on this regard.

(b) The Commission may, in particular, request the undertakings or associations of undertakings to communicate to it any agreements, decisions or concerted practice.

3) The Commission may publish a report on the results of its inquiry into particular sectors of the economy or particular types of agreement in several sectors and its observations and / or suggestions to the competent Ministries, or Departments, or Organizations.

4) The Commission may use the evidence, resulting from the inquiry (1), when investigating cases of possible infringements of sections 3 and/or 6 and/or Articles 101 TFEU and/or 102 TFEU.

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