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Republic of Cyprus
Complaint Form

According to section 44 of the Protection of Competition Law of 2022, any natural or legal person who has a legitimate interest to this effect, shall be entitled to lodge a complaint of infringement of the provisions of section 3 and/or 6 of this Law and/or Articles 101 TFEU and/or 102 TFEU.

A person has a legitimate interest if he can prove that he has suffered or there is a serious or possible risk that he will suffer a substantial financial injury or that he will or there is a serious or possible risk that he will be placed at a disadvantage regarding competition, as a direct result of the infringement.

The complaint shall be lodged in writing (printed and digital format) to the Commission and shall be signed by the complainant or the legal adviser or an authorized representative of the complainant. The said complaint shall include all the information referred to in the Annex to this Law, so as the Commission to be in a position to investigate the complaint lodged.

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